Windex Vane 23

Sailing boats need to be oriented with the wind to be able to navigate. For this reason it is always necessary to have a weather vane on the boat. There are many types of weather vane, each with a function and performs for a specific boat design. The best weathercocks can be found on Boats Online, as well as all the Nautical Signage Accessories that you require for your boat.

What is a weather vane?
A vane is a rotating device consisting of a freely rotating plate, a signalling device indicating the direction of the wind and a horizontal cross indicating the cardinal points. They are used to show the direction of the wind and to know where to go when you have a sailing boat.

To obtain an accurate reading, the weather vane must be located well above the ground, away from buildings, trees, and other objects that interfere with the true direction of the wind. In the case of boats it is always placed on the highest masts.

Characteristics of Windex Vane 23 – 584 mm
The Windex Vane 23 – 584 mm is specially designed to be attached to the mast of the boat, so that it is at a high point to discover the direction of the wind in a more precise way.

It is made of plastic and metal, so it has a much longer life and does not rust with exposure to sea saltpeter. The reflective band at the tip of the weather vane and the intense red colour of the reference indicators increase their visibility at night, when it is more difficult for sailors to follow the vane’s indications. The Windex weather vane includes all stainless steel mounting hardware to ensure durability.

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